Cetane Booster

R 230,00 incl VAT
Increases the cetane number of the diesel fuel by up...

Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect

R 300,00 incl VAT
Simply the best internationally certified system cleaner for diesel engines...

Diesel System Cleaner

R 290,00 incl VAT
Diesel System Cleaner removes operationally caused contamination sustained throughout the...

DPF Power Clean

R 250,00 incl VAT
Formulation cleans DPF while driving and prevents DPF failure This...

Octane Booster

R 230,00 incl VAT
Raises the octane number of the fuel by up to...

Oil System Care

R 215,00 incl VAT
Oil System Care increases performance, reduces oil and fuel consumption,...

Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner

R 250,00 incl VAT
Cleans catalytic converter, lambda sensor, turbocharger and EGR valve. OXICAT...

Valves- and Injection System Cleaner

R 290,00 incl VAT
Professional preventive maintenance on your valves and fuel injection system...
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