Diesel System Cleaner

Diesel System Cleaner

Diesel System Cleaner removes operationally caused contamination sustained throughout the fuel system of diesel engines from the tank to the combustion chambers. It removes resin deposits, releases sticking injection nozzles and injection pumps, removes carbon residues and soot deposits within the entire upper cylinder area. It also lubricates and protects the diesel injection system and the entire upper cylinder area. Further the product prevents the oxidation of the fuel and the growth of microorganisms. The fuel atomization is improved.

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Application area:

For use in diesel powered engines. Recommended for engines with particle filter, turbo and catalytic converter.

Application nodes:

Fill directly into the diesel tank before refueling or by using special cleaning equipment.


300 ml treats up to 80 litres diesel. Mixing ratio: 1:250

Treatment time:

While engine is running

Product Info: Diesel System Cleaner


Safety Data Sheet: Diesel System Cleaner


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