Automatic Transmission Flush

Automatic Transmission Flush

Reliably dissolves and removes contamination, oxidised oil residues and other deposits from the entire gear oil system. The whole system is thoroughly cleaned.

  • Complete removal of contaminants
  • Reduces unpleasant noises and ensures a safe and smooth operation of the transmission
  • Optimizes the switching behavior
  • Avoid costly repairs

Today’s gear oils are usually of good quality but they can not prevent, that operationally caused contaminations and oxidized oil residues deposed with time on the transmission parts. Result: performance degradation and switching problems. The system runs rough and dirty parts are loaded higher. Our Automatic Transmission Flush will help. The product is suitable for all automatic transmission oils.

R 275,00 incl VAT

Area of application

In all kinds of automatic transmissions


Add the product to the oil system before exchanging the gear oil. Run the system for approx. 10-15 minutes under frequent load alteration. Afterwards carry out the exchange of the gear oil in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.


375 ml for cars / approx. 5% of the transmission oil volume for trucks

Reaction time approx. 15 minutes

Technical data

Physical state: liquid
Colour: yellow
Odour: aromatic
Initial boiling point and boiling range: 180 – 220 °C Flashpoint: 63 °C
Ignition temperature: > 200 °C
Vapour pressure (at 68 °F): 20 hPa
Density at 68 °F: 0.82 – 0.90 g/cm3

Product Info: Automatic Transmission Flush


Safety Data Sheet: Automatic Transmission Flush


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